Thursday, August 19, 2010

Remember 2009

The '2009-2010 NBA Season' will forever be known as the NBA season where...

1. A player got the Swine flu.

2. A player got traded 4 times in 2 months.

3. A player tied his shoelace in the middle of a game while holding the ball.

4. A player threw away an opponent's shoe.

5. A player had 3 guns in his locker.

6. A player called off his wedding a few days before the big day.

7. A player made the game-winning and buzzer-beating shot in his very first NBA game.

8. A player announced his retirement... but came back to join another team... and then left.

9. A coach & general manager of a team fired himself as a coach to concentrate on his managerial duties... and was later fired by the team as general manager.

10. The Lakers won... again... but who cares.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

NBA Body Doubles

Where NBA people look like other people...

Jarrett Jack (Toronto Raptors) could win a Ne-Yo look-a-like contest.

Vampires will never attend a Chicago Bulls game because John Salmons is... Blade!

Rick Carlisle (Dallas Coach) is dumb... Jim Carrey is dumber...

Not only do Chris (left) and Shannon (right) share the same face... they also share the same surname: Brown.

Both are known for their shooting skills: Rashard Lewis (left) because of his three-point accuracy... T.I. because of his felony (weapons charges).

Marquis Daniels... and his Avatar...

Kyle Korver and his jersey... Ashton Kutcher and his Demi...

Hedo Turkoglu of the Raptors... and Simon Baker of The Mentalist...

Will Smith used to be with the Men In Black...
Robert Horry used to be with the Team In Black...

Larry Hughes used to be team mates with the chosen one: LeBron James.
Harold Perrineau used to be in The Matrix with the chosen one: Neo.

Bonus: The cartoonist who drew Quasimodo was probably a fan of Popeye Jones (former Dallas player). Just Kidding...

Friday, January 29, 2010

Where "Un-amazing" Happens Part 2

Welcome to the unglamorous side of the NBA...

This is part two...


Luke Ridnour once suffered a cut in the forehead after getting hit by a teammate's elbow... in the pre-game warm-up.


The crowd bursts into laughter when Nate Robinson, who is 5'9", won a jumpball against Rafael Araujo... who is 6'11".


The Sacramento Kings once allowed Stephen Jackson to shoot 4 three pointers in 4 consecutive possessions in the third quarter. You would think that the Kings learned how to guard him after that shooting spree... but no... Stephen Jackson added one more 3 pointer on the last play of that quarter.

image taken from: AhmBeaux (Flickr)


The Milwaukee Bucks' team plane had to make 2 unscheduled landings in the span of one week because of mechanical problems.


Tracy McGrady, leading scorer of the Houston Rockets, had 21 points by halftime. The team then allowed McGrady to leave for the hospital to be with his girlfriend who was in labor. The Rockets went on to play poorly after halftime and lost the game.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Where "Un-amazing" Happens

Welcome to the unglamorous side of the NBA...

When players have a "bad day at the office"...


Erick Dampier of the Dallas Mavericks played 10 minutes in one game and 20 minutes the next but in those 30 minutes of action... this is what he produced:

0 points

0 assists

0 steals

0 blocks

10 fouls

10 turnovers


Kevin Burleson was once seen in the Charlotte Bobcats practice facility working on his jump shot until midnight. Do you know what happened next?

He missed his next 33 field goal attempts... in the span of 2 months.


The Indiana Pacers once lost a game because of a buzzer beating shot. They missed 10 free throws in the last 120 seconds of that game. Ouch!


Eddy Curry of the Knicks tried missing 4 dunk attempts... in the span of 4 days.


After 3 quarters of play, the Dallas Mavericks as a team have scored 61 points... but the player they were defending (Kobe Bryant) scored 62 points.