Monday, December 21, 2009

NBA: 12 months

NBA action all year round?! Possible! ...if you know the calendar.

Here it is...

SEPTEMBER: Training Camp

This is when players report back to their teams and start practice.

OCTOBER: NBA Pre-season

If the NBA was a play, then the pre-season is the rehearsal.

NOVEMBER: NBA season starts

It's game time!

DECEMBER: Christmas Games

The best teams, the best players, and the best match-ups usually play on Christmas Day.

JANUARY: All-Star Nominees

Expect a lot of highlight plays in this month because players are starting to market themselves in order to make the All-Star Game.

Quick Note: To be an all-star player, you'll have to get "voted-in" by the fans. More highlights equals more votes.

FEBRUARY: Trade deadline; All-Star Game

Blockbuster trades usually happen in this month.

You can also look forward to the following: Rookie Game, Three-Point Contest; Dunk Contest; and All-Star Game.

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MARCH and APRIL: March Madness, Jordan Brand Classic, and McDonald's All-American Games

March Madness is the college version of the NBA playoffs.

High School all stars can be seen playing in the Jordan Classic and McDonald's All-American games.

Why are these events important? Because they're the future NBA stars.

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MAY : NBA Playoffs

The real NBA season! This is where the championship begins. Clear your schedule. Every game counts here...

JUNE: NBA Finals and NBA Draft.

A new champion is crowned in this month.

You will also get to see which teams the rookies will play for in the NBA draft.

JULY: 'Free Agent' period.

Big name players can now sign new contracts with their old teams, new teams, or just retire...

AUGUST: International Competition

During the offseason, International NBA players usually compete for their countries in international tournaments like the Olympics, EuroBasket, and the Asian Championship games.

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