Thursday, August 19, 2010

Remember 2009

The '2009-2010 NBA Season' will forever be known as the NBA season where...

1. A player got the Swine flu.

2. A player got traded 4 times in 2 months.

3. A player tied his shoelace in the middle of a game while holding the ball.

4. A player threw away an opponent's shoe.

5. A player had 3 guns in his locker.

6. A player called off his wedding a few days before the big day.

7. A player made the game-winning and buzzer-beating shot in his very first NBA game.

8. A player announced his retirement... but came back to join another team... and then left.

9. A coach & general manager of a team fired himself as a coach to concentrate on his managerial duties... and was later fired by the team as general manager.

10. The Lakers won... again... but who cares.

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